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, mid-80s inland. then the return of the 90s, and i am not talking about bobby brown on the "today" show yesterday, talking about hot weather in the bay area. get ready for that. >> that's your prerogative. good call on bobby brown. like we're going to dance going to lunch. >> i'm in the mood. >> all right. >>> coming up, a story that may be hard to swallow for fish lovers. radiation from japan's nuclear disaster showing up in tuna off the california coast. >>> and for the second time this month, northern italy devastated by a powerful earthquake. we have an update coming up. >>> we try to eek out good news from the latest housing report straight ahead. >>> and here is a live look. that's the sonul grade. traffic moving fine. looks to be clear skies there. we will get the muleteolrologis loometeorologist christina loren when we come back. stay with us. re >>> it is being described as a coordinated blow to syrian president assad's regime. expelling diplomats in syria. this follows a massacre of more than 100 on friday. the countries involved in the expulsions are expected to push for toug
, and yes, they will be deep. governor jerry brown asking for more help from state workers to try to help balance the budget. >> the governor is now proposing state workers move to a four day nine and a half hour work week, losing two hours or 5% of their pay per week. he has also taken cell phones from state workers and offered a proposal to roll back health and pension benefits. the proposed cuts come as governor brown pushes a tax increase that will appear on the november ballot. >> and if you want to vote on the tax increases or any other issue for that matter, you need to be registered. today is the final day to be eligible for the june primary. christie smith is live in oakland with more of the impact this year's issues could have on the turnout. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. tonight is the deadline to register for the primary. the ballot may look different on the state level. locally, things will be pretty much the same, except for certain districts like here in alameda county, school funding is a key issue that voters will have to decide. the state is now
on the shakeup at yahoo. a new ceo this morning. >>> and just minutes ago, governor jerry brown laid out details of a new budget plan warning californians about a ballooning deficit. >>> a busy day on two wheels. that's a live look at san francisco from the chopper. some of the business cyclists rolling from northern california to southern california in the amgen tour. the news at 11:00 starts right now. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. a familiar scene for the occupy movement, police versus protesters. berkeley moves in to reclaim a research site. they lined up outside the plot occupied by protesters around 6:00 this morning. they then moved in and cleared out the campers. christie smith has been following this all morning and has new developments as she joins us live from albany. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning, jon. uc police put a lot of resources into it. nearly 100 police officers from eight different campuses. they ended up arresting nine people here this morning at occupy, the farm. right now, uc police are standing agains
in hillsborough, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >>> governor jerry brown is not losing voter support in his call for higher taxes, but he could soon. this is according to a new survey. a new usc/"l.a. times" poll shows 59% of those polled approve of brown's proposed tax hikes. but the survey found once voters were presented with arguments against the plan, that approval dropped to 50%. once of the scenarios that deflate t voter support, the possibility that lawmakers might waste the money raised by higher taxes. >>> right now we tell you about a bizarre hazmat scare in fremont this morning. firefighters were called to the garage of a condo complex on center city drive, where they found a woman dead inside of a car filled with poisonous gas. the woman's husband found her after an argument about 1:30 a.m. the hazmat team there determining the substance inside that car was hydrogen sulfide. that's a gas that can can be created with household products, but it is highly toxic in a confined space. they use large fans there to vent that gas and they stayed on scene for several hours to finish up t
the state's youth prison system. governor brown reversing his decision, after protests from law enforcement agencies. they argued counties were just swamped with an increase in prisoner population. and a shutdown would send more juveniles to adult prisons. governor brown wanted to ship young offends to county lockups to save $25 million a year. >>> a new labor deal in place for pal toe aalto police. the contract will save $1 million through benefits and wage cuts. officers will be responsible for pension contributions and three paid holidays are also being eliminated. palo alto face ing $4 million deficit. >>> protesters will be camping on ac transit buses today trying to send a message to make public transit affordable for low income communities. organizers say bus drivers will be honoring this protest. >>> if you're a muni ride, heads up. you have to come up with a new plan to get to work. the transit agency shutting down key routes for an 11-day stretch may 25th. buses will run in place of trains on the line between ocean beach and van ness avenues. the j line will work between balboa. o
. they will join larry brown and ceos of some companies. it's helping to keep the spirit of innovation alive. >>> christina loren is here. rain and then an almost perfect weekend? >> yeah, something to talk about. we've got a good-looking day out there. south of the golden gate bridge for now, i want to start here, san jose, beautiful, beautiful day. temperatures running mild. overcast conditions. not too bright out there. but ntoverall, really comfortab. let's show you the radar. those showers are coming in. right now, some pretty active weather all throughout marin county. starting to see mill valley getting heavier downpours. and san francisco, just about 56 minutes away now from the richmond district, you're ready for some moderate rainfall. heading throughout the day, we're not expecting much of anything. those showers will slowly but surely make their way into the east bay and south bay as we progress through the evening hours. for today, clouds arrive, breezy at times. cloudy start on friday. a big-time warm-up just in time for the weekend. it's going to be nice. >> you're beaming tal
stretch of sunny weather. >> yeah. unfortunately it means the green hills will soon be turning brown. we don't have any rain, any significant rainfall in the forecast for at least the next 12 to 14 days. so looking like summertime weather as we head through this week. next week is a little cooler, little cloudier, what we're typically used to in the spring in the bay area. but we are not used to 83 degrees in sunnyvalepo at 11:10. talking about the 90s today. i can tell you today is one of the warmer days this week. we're going to stay around 85 degrees inland every single day, all the way through the upcoming weekend. we have mother's day just ahead. i have the forecast ready to go. tomorrow, a little cooler, a little cloudier, a little break. we'll talk about that as well. >> all the expensive gifts men buy for their mothers, they can say mother nature will give you something. double dip. >> that's right. >> thanks a lot. >>> coming up, teenage girl versus shark, could the amazing turn of events during an event. >>> an aid worker held hostage by al qaeda appealing to president obama. >
district lines. >>> here in california, governor jerry brown's approval ratings are fading. for the first time since he took office, more people disapprove of the governor's performance than those who approve. the governor's approval rating slipped to 42%, that's down 5% from april. this comes just after the governor announced california's budget deficit had grown from $9 billion in january to almost $16 billion. >>> now to the latest in the search for sierra lamar. special dive teams are using advanced sonar equipment to search south bay waters for the missing teenager this week. this is happening as the man accused of her kidnapping and murder makes his first court appearance. nbc bay area's christie smith joins us with a look at what we can expect. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marla. legal experts we spoke with this morning say that antolin garcia-torres will learn what he's up against when he heads to court this afternoon. he could even learn if this goes way beyond sierra lamar. could there be other charges? defense attorneys will need a lot of time to go over the evidenc
green in sunol but quickly turning brown. we are going to get moisture through the bay area. i don't think we'll see measurable precipitation down here in the south bay. nonetheless, we'll take what we can get. it is good for air qualify and pollen level. 63 in san francisco. we're in the 70s in napa and santa rosa. a gorgeous day shaping up with the exception of windy conditions. winds more of a factor for the second half of the day gusting to 30, 40 miles per hour. right now you can see strong sustains wind speeds in san francisco. 12 miles per hour, 9 miles per hour fairfield. temperatures seasonal. 79 the high for san jose. what's happening, the jet stream is taking a significant dip to the south. we're seeing these systems pass to our north. as of friday, that jet stream's going to come far enough to the south to where we'll get low pressure that brings in a bit of precipitation over the greater bay area. but for today and tomorrow it works out like this. breezy to gusty conditions for wednesday. thursday, cooler trend. temperatures come down by five to ten degrees for tomorro
half hour. some big wigs here. governor brown who left already, and just a few minutes ago, democratic leader nancy pelosi wrapped up, talking about how the golden gate bridge which is just to the left of me is a symbol of innovation as it has continued to be for decades. as you mention, marla, it is still going on now, lots of orange here, you can see the stage. even pelosi having orange on herself. lots of vips here, huge crowd for the ribbon cutting ceremony. we pan over to the bridge cafe, you see one of the big ribbons, goes up another ribbon at the round house. that's the tourist center here as well as bridge pavilion, brand new building here, the third ribbon cutting. so lots going on. also in the crowd today family members of some of the key figures in building this bridge, including the chief engineer whose statue is at the plaza, and engineers russ cone and charles ellis. they say today is especially touching for their families. >> feels just like unbelievable. i want to keep pinching myself that we're involved in this wonderful celebration, and a gorgeous bridge, and it's so
a live look at the hills here, not quite as alive as two weeks ago, startingo turn brown. as a result, that's why pollen levels are coming down. that's why you haven't been sneezing and sniffling as much as you have been the last couple weeks if you suffer from allergies. that's good news. we are in moderate range. high pollen count just about all week long and all weekend. 81 in san jose, and we're going to see a high of 68 in san francisco. that full deck of clouds this morning is bringing about a nice cool day at the coast. meanwhile, we will warm into the 80s where the sun is out in full force, sunrise, 6:10. giants take on the rockies. 55 degrees, wind out of the west 5 to 10 miles per hour. i don't think wind will be much factor. today, temperatures stay on the mild side. tomorrow warming up by three or four degrees. high pressure takes control and we see less in terms of low cloud cover, lesson shore flow. we get a little fog at the coast tomorrow. i think it clears about an hour earlier. temperatures three to four degrees warmer. stop on future cast. full deck of clouds to sta
on the brown side, we continue to dry out. the pollen levels will decrease. they've been so high lately. limit your outdoor activities for the next couple of days if you have been suffering. we're going to be in the high range at least through saturday. but things start to improve dramatically heading through next week. a nice, cool breeze at the coast tonight. comfortable conditions there. temperatures in the low 90s as of tomorrow. we're going to tack on a couple of more degrees from today's highs. the 90s return. today, maybe a couple of 90s in the warmest cities across the bay. 83 in san jose. 80 in los gatos. beach weather saturday. monday, tuesday and wednesday, we level out. >> christina, thank you. >>> we are getting our first glimpse this morning of what will happen for the memorial day closure of the dumbarton bruj. caltrans leaders with laying out their plan for the retrofit starting this weekend. construction crews will replace a major joint of the bridge. they have to have the project complete by next year. >>> still ahead, a drug used to help prevent hiv for years about to get a
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12